Be an Awesome Sports Writer

Despite what many might think, writing is not the easiest job in the world. This applies to any kind of writing, whether you are preparing a new screenplay, writing a novel, being a journalist, or just writing a review of GiveMeBet and all of its upcoming bonuses and promotions. Sports writing is its own category for a reason, and we are going to break down just what it takes to be an awesome sports writer.

Background in Sports

While not exactly a requirement, it goes without saying that this gives you an advantage over other people that put together a few pieces of information regarding the World Cup, or other sports events. If you are an athlete, an ex-athlete, or a bookie in your offices fantasy football league, you already know a lot about sports.

It also helps if you are genuinely interested in the topic at hand. If you plan on making this your profession, the quality will soon become apparent to your readers if you have a special place in your heart for sports.


It is impossible to be any type of writer without proper research. There are no shortcuts here – you have to look up all of the relevant information regarding the athletes, venues, statistics and scandals. Do not just copy the information from the first article you come across. Quality writing requires quality research, and this takes time. You may have to read through a ton of material, before coming up with anything worth writing about.

If you are covering a championship, or a tournament, check out how the previous ones ended. If you are writing a news article about an athletes downfall, you need to find their biography, falling out with their sponsors, clubs, teammates and friends, and similar cases of such incidents. If you are talking about someone breaking a record, disclose who the previous record holders were.

Find a Niche

Writing about sports, in general, is great. However, the best course of action is to specialize in a certain field and go with that. You dont need to write about a local taekwondo tournament if you are really good at following the latest soccer events.

You can easily build up a loyal audience with one sport, or one sport aspect. You are more than welcome to expand afterwards, but for starters, choose your domain wisely.

Find a Location

Last, but not least, you should consider who will publish your articles. You can be a blogger, a content provider for a website, or a sports columnist. It is all a matter of what you choose and whats readily available to you. Now grab that keyboard, check the stats, and publish your take on the sports world today.

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