Common essay writing mistakes

Writing essays, who likes that? Its more enjoyable to play some casino games here at instead of wrecking your brains to write an essay on the last hundred years old novel you had to read for your English class. Or perhaps you have to do something more serious for your work.

Either way, with the exception of a small select group of people who enjoys and is good at writing essays, the rest of us despise it. Why? Because its difficult to come up with meaningful sentences and express your thoughts in a logical concise manner to transmit exactly what you mean. The following article will teach you how to avoid the most common pitfalls in order to create higher quality essays that actually make sense and people want to read.

Too many arguments

Yes, there is such a thing as too many arguments. The point is to present the strongest ones that support your thesis because otherwise you risk confusing the reader. Youre supposed to make a list of every single argument that comes to mind and narrow it down to the most 3-5 important ones depending on the length of the essay.

Another similar mistake is to talk too much about each argument. Its not necessary to say the same thing in 5 different ways just to add to the word count of the essay. On the other hand, unlinked statements make the paper harder to follow even though you might think it supports your position better.

Too few arguments

In the early stages of the paper this is the problem most people deal with and staring at a blank document wont help you overcome it. What you can do to get past this is researching the subject. Read everything you find from reliable sources, form your own opinions and then formulate your arguments.

Once you have a rough sketch of what youre going to say, its time you take each one and explain it thoroughly without adding any fluff words. The simpler, the better. Some say that if a 5-year-old doesnt understand what youre saying, you dont either. Using fewer words will make it harder for you to reach the word count but the final content will have a higher quality.


Researching a topic is a mandatory step in the writing of any essay, but this doesnt mean you are supposed to use somebody elses ideas as your own. This is called plagiarism, plain and simple. There are several levels, the most basic one being related to the wording you choose. Also, you should know that paraphrasing is pretty much the same as plagiarism. When you take an argument you read about somewhere else, you must add a reference to support your statement.

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