Best Writing Tips on YouTube

1) For writing an argumentative essay check out zontulfilmltd:
This brief video covers both short papers as well as advice on how to expand to longer essays and even thesis. It also explains the use of quotations.
The lesson is based on the 5-paragraph structure: introduction (paragraph 1), reasons for and against your argument (paragraph 2 and 3), the crunch (paragraph 4) – highly argumentative paragraph where you establish and support your point of view with original arguments, and conclusion (paragraph 5).

2) EngVid is a channel with plenty of helpful content to explore. If you want to delve deeper into details, you can listen to James on how to write perfect essay introduction here:, or Adam explaining the structure of a paragraph here: or Emmas tips on how to improve academic essay writing here:
Aimed primarily at non-native speakers, these lessons are nevertheless useful for all students seeking to improve their writing in formal and academic settings.

3) In this enlightening video Professor Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research, gives a guest lecture on how to write a great research paper:
You will learn seven simple steps to help you on the way: don’t wait – write, identify your key idea, tell a story, nail your contributions, put related work at the end, put your readers first and listen to your readers.

4) If you are looking for creative writing advice from bestselling authors, you might want to start here This video is a compilation of various talks given by Stephen King on his writing process and where he gets his inspiration from.

5) For those who want to learn the basic of descriptive writing, you can start with this short and beautifully animated introductory video by TED-Ed: If after watching you are craving for more, you can also listen to the full lecture by following the link provided in the description.

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